Singed Phoenix
Singed Phoenix
An online journal and lifestyle blog for the malcontent.

About the Phoenix


You're about to witness the strength of cul-de-sac knowledge...

Welcome to Singed online journal and lifestyle blog that wears numerous hats and comes in a dizzying amount of hexadecimal colors.

What is a singed phoenix...

I'm glad I implied that you actually asked...


One of the very first lessons we learned as children involves that being burned is a painful experience. Most of us remember that defining moment when we brazenly traipsed our little fingers across a stove burner, or touched a hot pan, or tried to catch the dancing flame of a candle. Whatever the source of the burn, the results are all the same...immense and traumatic pain. However, something else came from this...from your mistake of being singed, you learned something that will last you for the rest of your life.


One of the key attributes of a person focused on personal betterment isn't the ability to do everything right the first time, no. When you take the journey to better yourself, you find out quickly that failing is part of the process of learning. It is the ability to exhibit resilience after experiencing defeat, to rise from the ashes, and come again like being born anew that is the foundation for bettering yourself. A phoenix is the perfect representation of what self-improvement is all about. 

A singed phoenix is a person who adheres to the ideology of learning, living life, bettering oneself without fear or concerns of what others think or how they feel. It is the embodiment of realization that your life is exactly that...yours, and you will take your life and live it to the fullest through the pursuit of education and new experiences.

It's a blog...but not a blog, but kind of is(n't)...

When I created this site, I had one intention...I wanted an aggregated storage place and medium for all of the information, thoughts, ideas, and projects I've worked on and will work on. In that context, I was envisioning a journal or notebook type format, but presented in a blogging format.

Look, like you, I read blogs, I love blogs, I think they're great, but they're not for me. A lot of times with blogs, you are confronted with bloggers who suffer from Audience Stress...where they are more concerned with who and how many are going to read their postings. This has an adverse effect on what they write, as they stop writing content for themselves, and more on things they know or care little about.

That's not where I want to be...I need a place to store my thoughts, ideas, read the previous paragraph, you know. I need somewhere to jot this stuff down...YES, I know about Evernote. However, I'm an academic and an intellectual, #ModestBrag, and I love to share my thoughts with others and gain insight. I need a place to go and chronicle the successes and missteps I have so I can easily recall them for future uses. I need a place that promotes personal growth. I need a place where I can be the real me.

Singed Phoenix is this place.

TL;DR - The most boring blog on Earth.

So, what kind of topics will I cover?

The simple answer is the short answer...write about what I know. So off the top of my head, I will be presenting my ideas, processes, and techniques in the following fields...

  • web design and development
  • life management
  • social activism
  • music
  • style
  • travel
  • photography
  • technology and gadgets
  • gaming
  • cooking
  • parenting
  • movies
  • plus much more...