1 Light LED Smoke Glass Satin Nickel Table Lamp

Buying a desk lamp for my home office has kind of proven itself to be a challenge for me. I always want a light source that provides ample light, doesn't take up a bunch of desk space, but also doesn't look like something you find in my grandmother's house or one of those metal retractable desk lamps you would find on any child's desk.

Despite Bree's aversion to modern styling, I tend to lean towards a minimalist design when it comes to lighting in a home office setting. Which is why I chose this table lamp at Hayneedle. 

Besides the slim footing and translucent design, this lamp comes with a dimmable feature for those of us who like to work at night but not in blaring light. I see myself getting two of the black smoke lamps, and anchoring them at the ends of my desk to provide serene orbital lighting.

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