ART Speaker System by Tivoli Audio

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Tivoli decides to get into a multi-room wireless speaker gang war with SONOS, and it’s a masterpiece.

All images by Tivoli Audio

Shut up and take my money...

  • The primary feature here is the multi-room wireless speaker configuration feature. You know, the thing that SONOS is known for. This speaker system gives the user the ability to stream music or whatever throughout a whole house and specific area. Which is perfect for parties, gatherings, or people who decide to clean their whole house on a whim and need tidying tunes.
  • These speakers are for the people who hate speakers who look too much like speakers crowd. Being encased in wood and shrouded in Gabriel fabric, these make as much a decorative impression as they do with their audio.
  • The speaker system consists of three different individual components; an orb speaker, a cube speaker, and speaker hub to make controlling the multi-room sound output easier.
  • While the cube speakers are perfect for most flat surfaces, the orb speaker can have dual-feature as a speaker for your bookshelf or your wall. (Again, with most "wireless" speakers that are supposed to go on a wall, you do have to factor in that these speakers will need some form of juice to run them, so you will need to find a way to mask or coverup a possibly unsightly power cable.)
  • Come in three different color assortments.
  • The speakers can connect through Bluetooth connectivity...which is great, if you're the kind of person who likes to stay within the vicinity of the speaker. However, if you're like me, and you're the kind of person who likes to move around his house...these speakers can connect wirelessly using your wi-fi signal.
  • They apparently provide "CD-quality" audio...I've heard this enough times though that it's become a joke of itself, and most often or not, the quality is more of scratched CD-quality than anything else. So I'm always dubious when a speaker maker always makes this claim.
  • Yes, there is an app for this system...hashtag: InternetOfThings.
  • Since you can use your smartphone as an audio source, you can use most of popular audio services available. If you want though, there is confirmed Spotify Connect capabilities.
  • The ConX Wireless Transmitter and Receiver gives the user not only the ability to synchronize all of the user's ART speakers, but can also add the user's already established home speakers in the mix by connecting the ConX to a home receiver and the use of either an optical cable or 3.5mm aux cable. I'm not sure how this would sound, but it adds some level of depth to an already impressive feature set.
  • The speakers are sold individually. So, this gives the user some flexibility in configuration and sound setup. The downside of this, if you notice the prices at the bottom, you see quickly that the grander the scale of your system will come with a luxury fee. However, having a multi-room speaker system of 20 speakers at the price of under $5k isn't that bad...just depends on the sound quality and harmonics of your home.
  • It isn't available at the time this post is being written, but there is word there will be a battery feature, sold separately, so you can take your ART on the run like an art thief.

Prices: Orb Speaker: $249 each / Cube Speaker: $199 each / ConX Transmitter: $59.99