Edifier S1000DB Hi-Fi 2.0 Active Bookshelf Speakers

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How do you embody audiophile wireless sound with a luxury classical style?

Shut up and take my money...

  • The primary focus here should be the "near-wireless" capability of these speakers via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. I say near-wireless because there is always that one stickler asshole who makes the douche comment of "yeah, you still have to plug it in, so it's not really wireless..." God, I hate that kind of guy.
  • Your audio sound is delivered through 5.5" aluminum bass drivers and 1" titanium tweeters.
  • Presented at an angled degree to provide your room with a fuller sound. (Curious to know if this is actually scientifically backed or marketing jargon.)
  • Classic wood finishing. (Even though I would have loved to see a glossy black finish option.)
  • You can connect these speakers through a multitude of sources; Bluetooth, optical, AUX, etc., and those can be controlled and switched via remote.
  • While yes, you could use these as computer speakers, maybe even connect them to a television to provide a deeper theater sound for a master bedroom...I would traditionally see these on a bookshelf in a den or library/study.
    Price: $349