Daniel Aberle

Executive Building Brick Set (Gold)

Daniel Aberle

Question...How many times have you asked yourself, "How can I Lego like a baller?" Easy, gold.bricks.bee.yotches.

That's right, we're not talking some plastic cheap gold color bricks. We're talking stacks on stacks real 14k gold metal bricks. To let your homies and your crew know that you're legit when it comes to your building play sets. 

These gold bricks even connect with your other Legos, even though I don't know why you want to defile the greatness of these gold miracles with other regular commoner got'em at Target Legos. 

Each set runs about $25 for 8 2x4 bricks. Meaning that if you want to build anything impressive, you're going to need Floyd Mayweather betting money to do so. But hey, what's more important to you; going to college, or creating a solid gold Millenium Falcon? I trust you to make the right call.