what to get someone who knows what awesome television is?


Who doesn't love refrigerator magnets? Especially those magnets where you create your own uplifting messages of inspiration and joy.

Who also doesn't love the greatest 14 episode long western sci-fi series of all time?

Wouldn't it be shiny if you combined the two? What, you don't care cause you never thought about it? Um, okay, well, too bad? Cause this product exists. 

Instead of seeing, "Your heart brings me joy always," you can have on your fridge or whiteboard, "Your mouth is talking, you might want to look into that, shiny." 

Well, now you can. Found on ThinkGeek comes the Firefly Magnetic Poetry kit. A set that includes 428 words and suffixes from the show Firefly. Also, just in case you have someone uncool at your house who doesn't know what a gorram Reaver is, the set also comes with 2 special magnets of the Firefly title and one of Serenity, yay.

This set is a must for all of us brown coats who have something to say while we get our fixins.