Free Shipping Day

For the last 15 years or so, shopping online as a viable option for holiday shopping has caught on, and is increasing every year. And why shouldn't it be popular, I mean, the ability to do one of the most tedious tasks ever known to humanity from the comfort and safety of your warm home, in your undies if you like, with a fat cup of spiced cider, and no worries of finding parking, or being killed seems pretty attractive to me.

However with every rainbow, there has to be rain. The downside to online shopping is the fact that you might get stuck with shipping fees and you never know if the gifts will arrive on time for the holidays. Well, I am here to present, yeah, no pun intended, you a website that might alleviate a lot of those concerns. is a site that has collected promises and guarantees from numerous popular and reputable retailers that they will offer free shipping and on-time delivery of your gift purchases by December 24th. Which retailers you ask? Stores like Crutchfield, Tilly's, J. Crew, Harry & David, and over 550 more stores. The list is actually growing as we get closer and closer to the holiday shopping season.

So, if you're the kind of person who likes to do things the easy and convenient way, might be worth looking into.

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