ilumi Smartstrip

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Product Summary

Create lighting magic anywhere with the world’s first outdoor rated, digitally addressable, smart LED strip.
— ilumi

Smart light bulbs aren't the newest lighting technology, but they are quickly becoming the most fun and diverse solution to adding lumens to your home. 

So, for those who don't know, a smart light bulb is mostly an LED-based light bulb or source with connectivity hardware, either wi-fi or bluetooth, to give the end user the ability for more of a customized control of their lighting. Control features such as brightness, color, automated powering, and eco-conservation.

The ilumi Smartstrip offers the wrinkle of being both a smart-light source with the flexibility of an LED lightstrip.

The Upsides

  • Customized colored lighting. While this may seem like a niche feature, be mindful that having the ability to turn adjust your lighting during different times of the day could prove to be quite beneficial. For example, maybe have some IFTTT integration where the lighting strips turn to warm lighting colors during the exact time the sunsets.
  • A lighting source that is highly malleable, giving the end user the ability to wrap it around furniture or home fixtures.
  • Both iOS and Android apps are free. Meaning that both platforms can play on this playground.
  • The music sync feature can utilize Spotify.
  • Operate on smart schedules, meaning, if you are on vacation, you can have the lights power on remotely and autonomously. 
image by ilumi

image by ilumi

The Gameplan

  • I could use this to line the boys' beds, and provide some aura lighting. Not sure how well this would go over given that they are reaching their critical of everything years of teenage glory.
  • Trackway lighting for the stairway to the master bedroom.
  • I want to use this to adhere to the back of the entertainment wall to provide low-level background lighting to provide a mild dramatic effect.
  • Possibly use this on the back porch for nighttime Summer reading or BBQ parties.