Master of Profanity

Dope Shit Wishlist is the antithesis of the minimalist's a collection of what I find to be the most interesting, useful, and fashionable products available.

Shut up and take my money...

  • Scientists have discovered that those of us who use the naughty words, also have higher fucking intelligence and shit than the plebeian troglodytes with angel mouths. So why not reward this dubious honor the correct and proper way Goddamnit.
  • Let's be real here, those sons of bitches at the Nobel Prize selection committee aren't going to come a motherfuckin' knocking anytime soon...but that doesn't mean your efforts of working your ass off should not be recognized.
  • An endearing and touching gift from one foulmouthed fucker to another foulmouthed fucker.
    Price: $6.00