Daniel Aberle

Men's Cheyenne Creek Fisherman Sweater

Daniel Aberle

What to get the guy who wants to look hot while staying warm?


Portland winters have added an aspect to my fashion game that I never thought I needed perfecting...the art of layering.

Here in the Rose City, our winter weather is as predictable as an alleycat hopped up on the stickiest of the ickiest catnip at an OMSI Skrillex Laser Light Show. Meaning; our weather can start off sunny and ten minutes later, you're in a Nor'easter blizzard.

This means you have to dress accordingly for anything, meaning, layering. The problem I have found with layering is that you a lot of times have give up style for function to stay warm. Until now.

The Cheyenne Creek Fisherman sweater offers the warmth of merino wool while offering a subtle fashionable nod with a waffled shaw collar. A versatile design that can be adorn at the office, at the pub, at home, or a laser light show with cracked out kitties. The point has to be made, this sweater makes a solid selection for a mid-layer.