PLUG Battery Pack

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Shut up and take my money...

  • It's a battery pack on that Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire HGH potion, meaning, it features AC outlets as well as USB (as well as a USB-C port)'re not just charging smartphones with this, you're going to charge the smartphone chargers themselves.
  • Since it is powered off TESLA power cells, it eliminates the annoyance of loud noise you have to suffer from with standard generators.
  • No longer will you have to waltz around airports or coffee shops trying to find seating options near an outlet...cause you BYOO (brought your own outlet).
  • At 2.5 pounds, it's portable as it could be.
  • Also, since it is compact and aesthetically pleasing, you won't be ashamed to pull this out of your urban pack.
  • Contains 48,000 mAH storage and 250w plain can charge a laptop three times, a smartphone 28 times, and have you wanted to watch a movie on the beach...use PLUG to power a projector and speakers.
  • If your PLUG runs out of juice, no have the option for a solar panel to charge your battery pack on the go outside
  • Can store in a vehicle and provide emergency power if needed.
  • Excellent option for photographers who need mobile studio lighting.
    Price: starting at $199