Daniel Aberle

Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket for Dogs

Daniel Aberle

What to get the person who wants their dog to dress like Drake?

Love Thy Beast
$75 to $105, depending on size

There are just some purchases that are intrinsically obscene and unjustifiable. Like, you know you don't need this item, your life isn't improved by it, as a matter of fact, getting it might actually indicate some deep-rooted psychological issues.

Who the f*** care though, look at how tight this jacket is.

Now, I know what you're saying, cause I asked myself the same exact question....why would you get an animal that already has a coat, and get them a jacket? Answer: cause I mother-effin' can.

Look, is there something wrong with taking your pet, your friend, your four-legged family member, and turning he or she into a fashion accessory? Yup, very wrong, but at least your pooch will look fresh to death while hating you for this act against nature and decency.

Note: just in case the Bubblicious wild black cherry color isn't your thing, this jacket comes in other colors and sizes.