Daniel Aberle

V-Light Led Energy-Efficient Pyramid Style Desk Lamp

Daniel Aberle

a cost efficient modern designed lamp that produces brightness and chic design for desks or nightstands.

Source: Amazon

How bright is this light?
This is what we like to call a Goldilocks items. The brightness on the lamp isn’t too bright, it isn’t too dull, it seems just right. You do have the ability to modify the brightness using the switched on the front of the base. Even so, on the lowest setting, you are given enough lumens to handle your desktop or bedtime tasks.

The brightness is impressive without it being to intense nor being too underwhelming, even on the lower setting.

Who would you suggest this for?
The first moment I saw this lamp, I knew right away…yup, that’s going in one of the kid’s rooms…don’t know which kid, but it surely isn’t going on my desk. (Which, oddly and ironically, it now sits on my desk because of how much I fell in love with it while reviewing it…who knew?) This isn’t your grandma’s desk lamp, well, unless your grandma goes to Burning Man, drops MDMA, and has ink that would impress a Portland hipster, then yeah. From the square pyramid base to the diving board arm, this lamp is a typical modern or faux-modern design which better suits a contemporary eye than someone who longs for a traditional or country style home. 

How long will the lights last?
According to the marketing literature…the lamp’s bulbs are supposed to last 20,000 hours…

Hashtag: MathTime…let’s see, 20,000 hour divided by the suggested studying time of 3.5 hours a night, um, carry the 4, comes out to be about 5,700 days, now convert that to years by dividing that by 365 days per year, and that comes out to be a little under 16 years…give or take a year, depending on how much someone studies a night, summer solstice where daytime is longer, and so much more. 

In other words, you could buy this for your 10 year old child, and it should still be working by the time they are just wrapping up graduate school. (Again, this is according to the marketing literature, so take it with a grain of salt.)

How do I change the light bulbs?
Um, okay, I know LED bulbs last forever…but what happens in the event of a burnout? I looked all over, and could not find replacement bulbs or instructions on how to change the bulbs. 

It doesn’t sit right that if the lamp goes out, that I have to chuck the whole unit out to get a new light, all of which seems kind of wasteful, both environmentally and economically. This right here seems to be the only knocking aspect of this lamp.

What is the point of the USB charger?
This lamp offers a USB charger, which is great, but it isn’t, but it could be…if I ever chose to use it. I don’t know. Having an USB outlet on a lamp seems to make sense at first, but then you realize, where ever you’re going to have this lamp, a desk or a nightstand, you are already going to having a multitude of choices of where to plug in your electronic devices. I’m just looking at this feature, and saying, meh.

My Summation
With the exception of the issue of replacement bulbs, this lamp is a pretty remarkable find. Given the brightness output, the savings in energy costs, the ease of use, and the product’s durability. It would be nearly impossible to declare this lamp as anything but a great value. With all that being said, I give this modern designed lamp a 5 overly expensive Design Within Reach Chairs you're scared to sit on because you think you'll break them.