Whimsy Measuring Spoons

If I could say that there is one thing I truly love about the holidays, I would have to say that it has to be the holiday baking...quickly followed up by the holiday eating of the holiday baking. Putting my sugar intake aside for a moment, a lot of my favorite memories of the holidays involve being in a kitchen when my grandmother, or my childhood neighbor, Gail, or my mother, or even myself, and just whipping up delicious baked goods.

What better way to add to the joy of such times as having these holiday themed measuring spoons. Now, yeah, they're a novelty that you will only use one or two months out of the year. Yeah, I'm sure you're going to have to worry about packing them up so they won't get broken. But who cares, they're fun, and during the stressful holiday season, this is a time of the year where you should be looking for more fun than more stress, one snowman teaspoon at a time.

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