Bold & Strong

syntax summary

If you've ever used a word processor, you should have a good idea what the bold setting is.

Using bold in HTML is pretty much the same deal as you would if you were using Microsoft Office. However, in HTML, the bold setting has an offshoot cousin, known as the strong element.

This is where we need to talk about semantics in where just cause you see something a certain way doesn't quite mean it is that way.

When you use both the bold and strong elements, you will notice something right away...that they look and appear exactly alike, and that's probably because they do look exactly alike.

So what's the big deal? Why have two separate elements for the same feature? This is where semantics comes into play. Cause while bold and strong look alike, they have two very semantical purposes.

Bold has the purpose of making text look a certain way.

Strong has the purpose of giving actual meaning to what is being declared.

Keep this in mind, you're not the only thing reading a website and the files included within. You have your audience, the web browser, and also web spiders/bots. We'll talk about SEO later, because it's damn important, but know this, when you mark text as strong, you're not doing it for the look of it, you're doing so to let search engines know that the text has serious relevant meaning to the content of the page and it should be cataloged as such.

So now, you're asking, why use bold, why not mark everything as strong and raise your SEO points...yeah, don't do that. Search engines are like people and they hate drama queens...a page prattled with strong tags is a fast way to get your page flagged...again, I'll cover this when I start talking about SEO.

how we do...

Let's start off with bold, which is simple enough...

<b>Put in deep-toned text here...</b>

This of course yields the result of...

Put in deep-toned text here...

Okay, now let's use the strong element, which is just as easy...

<strong>Put in important and highly-relevant text here...</strong>

Now you ready to have your mind blown?

Put in important and highly-relevant text here...

Yup, these lines of code look and appear exactly alike. However, behind the scenes, the strong element text carries more SEO weight.