Character Set

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Syntax Summary

The character set attribute simply denotes the type of character encoding that's going to be used for this particular HTML document. Basically, are you using English or another language...this is where a character set becomes crucial.

Are you bored? Do you have a few hours to kill learning something you never use ever in your life? Then head over here, and learn all of the different types of approved character sets. Just know, you'll only use one of those.

Who said coding wasn't sexy?

How To...

The main concept you need to know about character sets is that they use a meta tag to be added. 

What are meta tags? Just as you would imagine, as meta is something that refers to itself, a meta tag denotes that the attribute is about the document or webpage/website.

So let's add ourselves a character set, and let people know what language we're going to use.

That's it, you've now communicated with the user's browser what language is preferred.