syntax summary

The main thing to remember when you are creating content in HTML is that it's all about structure. There is a hierarchy to most in which you do and form is just as important as function.

In regards to text, that hierarchy is expressed in normal text and headlines. 

Headings are significant to a document's structure because they highlight to browsers the levels of importance of the document's content.

how we do...

Headlines are simple enough, as a matter of fact, the most difficult part about headlines has nothing to do with how to install them, but how to use them.

<h1>This is the main topic of the page.</h1>
<h2>This is the topic of the section of the page.</h2>
<h3>This is used to highlight a subsection of the page.</h3>
<h4>I use this for special announcements on the page.</h4>
<h5>For the rare moment you want to implement a wonky font to your page.</h5>
<h6>I've never used this heading in my life.</h6>

These lines of code produce this...

When using headlines, just remember one important word...order. An <h2> or <h3> should never appear above an <h1>. Headlines are there to project importance, and when you put a less important piece of information before the most important element of the page, it can devalue the entirety of the whole document.