Preface to Programming

If you want to be good at anything, you need to escape your comfort zone, take the training wheels off, and actually try what you desire in life.

The Phoenix Projects provides a guided educational simulation environment to assist in the world of programming and computer science.


Ugh, no...I'm not going to get into a long diatribe about why you need to learn programming or computer engineering. There are currently over a million articles on the Internet extolling the holy virtues of why you should subscribe to the keyboard pound cult of programming. This post will not be another one of those.

Nope, instead, this is for the people who have already made up their minds and decided to jump onboard, or at least a little curious about what's the big deal, and possibly how hard it could be.

The main purpose for The Phoenix Projects is to endorse the philosophy of practice makes perfect...and I will help you in that by giving you project ideas to follow along with to get you accustomed to the common practices of writing good code.


Look, you can read all of the texts on jQuery or PHP, watch all of the Youtube videos on CSS preprocessors, and even take coding bootcamps for months on end, but if you're not sitting down, and simply writing out code, you're not really going to get what you're doing.

Like I have to sit at my computer for an hour a day just writing out code, thinking up projects, and creating programs to perform tasks. This is just so my skills don't become stale and out of form.

I will repeat this again and again and again; over and over and over...if you want to be serious about programming, the main focus you should have is just to continually work at it.

This is a fact that might not be 100% true, but I feel assured about it enough to not take it back and actually argue with you about it.

Spoiler Alert

Okay, to be honest, I'm also doing this as a way to help teach my sons about coding and programming...I mean, since I already created the lesson plans and projects for them, I might as well pass them along to others who might be interested...right?


With all of this being said, and by being said, I mean typed out on my sketchy Bluetooth keyboard with a dying battery...let's get started and have some fun.