The Basics of Color

Encycodepedia is a reference guide to the common syntax and terminology used in everyday programming.

Encycodepedia CSS covers the styling component of building websites.

The Soapbox

With the exception of the color blind and Johnny Cash, color is an integral part of not just web design, but all of design. Color has the ability to set a tone and establish your work. 

As you've probably guessed from using my journal, I love color...and I don't discriminate across the spectrum. When I created this site, I didn't want to conform to a certain color scheme or be locked into a certain color palette.

You may decide to do it differently, and assume to the rules of color theory. If you do, I would highly suggest you learn about the importance of colors and most of the fundamentals in how to apply it...cause believe it or can have really awesome content, really stunning coding, but if you have a color scheme that is impossible to register with the average human eye, your hard work will be for naught.

Okay, okay, okay, enough about the philosophies of color...let's get to the programming aspects of things. 

Applying color in CSS and to web projects is pretty easy and straightforward if you educate yourself on what colors you want, which form you're going to enter them in as, and the level of saturation and opacity...okay, I just lost you didn't I.

Colors can be entered in three ways to your project...

  • Just a straight up naming of the color.
  • Using hexadecimal coding.
  • The ever so fun and popular RGB.

(I will cover all three of these entry methods in the next posts...I promise...I just wanted to cover the basics first.)

After you get the color code you want, because CSS3 is so powerful, you can then do so much more than just have a library of Pantone swatches. You can add gradients, play with hues/saturation/lightness/darkness, modify the opacity, and really a lot more than you can imagine.

Alright, this post is becoming bible, and I gots shits to do today. In the next coming posts, I will go over the different forms of entering in color to your project.