Encycodepedia is a reference guide to the common syntax and terminology used in everyday programming.

Encycodepedia HTML covers the structural component of building websites.

Syntax Summary

As we work our way through the head section, a mandatory element that you must add is the title element.

A title element isn't the same as a document title, like index.html...or the same as a URL.

A title gives a name to your site, which will then be display on the browser window and/or browser tabs. For example, for Singed Phoenix, if you look at the window or tab, you will see the title for this site located there.

How to...

You will find that the hardest part about inserting a title is actually coming up with an appropriate title in itself. Cause the actual placing of the tag is no different that any other placing of markup. Watch...

No, I'm serious...you see how easy that was? Again, the hardest part will be to come up with an appropriate title for your site to place in-between the title tags. 

Of course, for each page of your website, you will have to change the title of the pages accordingly. As it's kind of nice to let people know if they are on a contact or an about me page.

Give it a Go

Okay, this should be pretty simple, let's see what damage we can do?