Unordered Lists

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Syntax Summary

The thing you need to know about programming and markup in particular is that a computer does not speak English, it speaks it's own language. Sure, it uses words from the English language, but for you to get you to get your computer to perform a certain task, you have to speak the language and syntax that it understands.

Which brings us to lists. Lists are important functions and features when developing. With lists, you can convey the relationship between a set of data.

In HTML there are two kinds of lists...there are ordered lists (which I will cover next), and there are unordered lists.

Unordered lists are lists that are, ***SPOILER ALERT***, unordered...meaning, they are not numbered in nature and do not come in any particular order.

One of the main purposes of unordered lists is to provide a navigation or menu feature for your site.

How to...

The main thing to know about list elements is that they usually come with two parts.

The first part is the list element itself. For unordered lists, the list element is <ul>

The second part is the list item, this is denoted as <li>.

So when you create an unordered list, it should look along the lines of this...

As you see about, there are a couple distinct features I need to point out. The main difference between an unordered list and an ordered list is that the list features bullet points, not numbers. This brings me to the next point, which you are probably asking yourself right now, is there a way of getting ridding of the dots or styling the list in general...and there CSS. 

Finally, to wrap this up from the main point about how computers read programming language and not English. What if I made this list in side of a paragraph tag using bullet point text. Would it be a list? Well, yes and no. To the reader, it would look like a list. However, to the computer, it would just be different number of paragraphs with no contextual defining of being a list. That's the key point you need to remember, you want a list to be a list to the computer. 

Using list elements is important in regards to proper syntax and just overall good form.