What is Programming???
What is this programming nonsense I keep hearing about?

The short answer: programming is the process of communicating with computer systems to get them to perform certain desired tasks.

Now, that's the short answer, the long answer is, well, a little more complex. The term programming itself can be used to describe and convey a myriad of things and topics.

The first issue is the verb usage of programming, like I said before, which is the action of communicating to your computer to get it do something. This communication uses a specialized language with its own syntaxes, which this language itself is referred to as programming. 

Confused? Just wait, it gets worse. 

Cause if you use programming language to perform programming and you are paid for it, most likely or not, your job is referred to as programming.

Programming is the nerdy incarnation of the word dude...you can use it interchangeably to convey many other ways than intended. 

None the less, as we as a society become more and more reliant on computers and the internet, this only serves to increase the importance of programming?

Don't stress about the magnitude of it all.

In future posts, I will do my best to demystify the stigma that commonly occurs when it comes to computer programming.

Like, it's too difficult to learn...or where to start...or the horrors that is JavaScript.

I will actually create these posts to help both you and I get a handle on the ins-and-outs of programming, so we can assure our success in this awesome field.