Cupcakes & Rainbows

Believe it or not, but this right here is one of my favorite photos.

As parents, we have this inane tendency to try and get our children to present themselves in a manner that isn't true to how they are or feel at the given moment. Time and time again, children are forced to smile for a camera-wielding parent, when their natural instincts are to feel anything but happy.

I have a simple rule for photographing the boys...capture the moment that is, not the moment you want. Not only does this present a true reality from your shoots, but it also makes your kids more inclined to be photographed, instead of associating photography with a yelling parent who's frustrated with their child because they don't want to grin at the moment a parent wants to snap a photo.

In this photo, we had just spent the last couple hours playing at a park, and it was time to go home and have dinner. Upon telling Alerick this, he instantly became overwhelmed with sadness, and it was at this moment I wanted to take this photo because it was a displaying of a raw emotion.

Again, we can try and capture all the smiles in the world from our children, but that's not real. Childhood isn't all cupcakes and rainbows...sometimes, there are cloudy days and skinned knees. It's important as parent photographers to desire to chronicle those moments just as much as the laughs, grins, and smiles.

It's only logical that the people who have captured my heart, I return the gesture and capture them in photography.

Photos featuring the people (and animals) that are closest to me, by relation or through eternal friendship.