Fish Cyclone

I can't preach this enough, one of your greatest tools in taking amazing photos is an understanding of perspective and knowledge of composition. The ability to use angles and lengths to help improve your photo is every photographers' ally.

During a trip to Seattle, Washington with the family, we did the very touristy thing of going through the Seattle Aquarium. Why not, the Seahawks were playing a playoff game that day, so we had pretty much run of the place.

I love photographing aquariums, not because I love aquatic life, but because being able to capture decent photos seems to be a challenge and anything that gives me a reason to play with my camera will bring me joy.

So as the family and myself were meandering through the aquarium, we stumbled upon one of those aquarium walk-tubes. You know, the part of the aquarium where they try and get you to feel a sense of what it would be like to be underwater, but a person like me never cares, I'm just standing there calculating the pressures of this much water and wondering if they went cheap on the plexiglass. 

None the less, being in this enclosure gave me an opportunity to take a shot that is rarely ever seen...the under side of a school of fish swimming. So I took my camera, with the rubber lipped hood, pressed it to the glass and took a few shots. To which this photo was my favorite result.

Here is something you need to remember, the best photos are usually the ones that make peoples' brains work. If a mind has to exert effort to process what they are seeing because it's something new, you then most likely have yourself a decent photo. This why perspective is usually a fundamental asset...cause anyone can take a straight-on photo but say you play with the angles and the depths, now your photo went from ordinary to extraordinary. Believe that.

One last comment on this photo before I leave...usually when I take photos of aquariums, the glass is usually pristine. However, I love that in this photo, the glass is heavily defaced, because unbeknownst to me until I went to process the photo was the glass all scratched up. This actually gave the image the benefit of having a texture that I never meant to be there, but actually, yay.

When I go on vacation, the first thing I pack is my camera gear.

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