Mah Knitta

When I speak about my youngest son Garin, I tacitly speak from the heart.

Of all of the amazing qualities this young man possesses, very little impresses me more than his intrinsic curiosity to learn new skills. Garin has such an inquisitive mind and uses it to further his experiences in life.

Take this photo for instance...Garin always notices his step-mother, Bree, knitting as a form of relaxation. So, of course, he wants to knit too. He doesn't care about other people's perceptions or concerns...if he wants to do something, then only the Gods will stop him because this kid is persistent in his learning.

Sure, this learning bug bite may only last a day, a week, maybe even a month...but it's his open willingness to set aside the fears of failure or self-doubt that constantly fills me with a sense of pride and joy that I'm able to call this remarkable child my son.

It's only logical that the people who have captured my heart, I return the gesture and capture them in photography.

Photos featuring the people (and animals) that are closest to me, by relation or through eternal friendship.