Morrison Twilight

I kind of believe that night photography doesn't get the proper amount of love that it deserves.

I don't know...I love putting on a warm jacket, strapping on my gear bag, hiking around at a time most people are either getting ready for bed or already in bed, and taking beautiful shots like this one right here.

The main thing to know about night photography is that you must have a working knowledge of shutter speed and ISO. Being able to control how much light comes in while being able to control the noise that is produced are calculations every photographer has to be mindful of during night shoots. Oh, yeah, and a'll need a tripod.

With this shot, I took it on the east half of the Portland Waterfront and I specifically wanted to get a cityscape shot of the Morrison Bridge to highlight the lights along the pillar.

If you're not familiar with Portland...we have a river that runs right through the middle of our city...the Willamette River, (pronounced Will Lamb It, so you don't embarrass yourself). Which means we have a lot of bridges in our's why one of the dozen nicknames for Portland is Bridge City. Each bridge has their own distinct feature, and for the Morrison, it's drawing attribute are the lights at the basin.

Every night, you can go to the Waterfront, scope out the Morrison, and notice that the lights are a different color each night. Sometimes, the lights will even change on a patterned rotation every few seconds. It may not seem like much, but it's one of the quirky things I love about this place I call home.

A collection of photos where 503 is the studio and the city of Portland is the model.

Come see the city I love so much, I chose it to be my home.