A Love Song • Amanda Blank
There I was...giggling about the games,
That I had played with many hearts...and I’m not sayin’ no names
Then the thought occurred,
Tear drops made my eyes burn,
As I said to myself: when am I gonna learn?

Song Covered: I Need Love by LL Cool J

At first listen, you’re confused…what are these harps playing…then, out of nowhere, you’re hit with the classic lyrics of rap’s first popular love ballad by the one Ladies Love Cool James.

What lures me to this song is Blank’s level of comfort with the lyrics…you know she has an appreciation and love for the source material…combine that with dope beats, and a sample of I’m a Lady by Santigold…you have a track I can forever dig.

Cover songs are kind of an enigmatic niche genre to pin down. Cover songs can range from ironic comedic interpretations of originals to a heartfelt reimagining to pioneering expansions of artistic freedoms. This playlist highlights my favorite cover songs spanning all sorts of musical genres.

Got You Covered Playlist