Gwan • Rostam
Wisdom comes to your heart
Down a shaft from afar
Pulls you out of bed and into the noise
Whoever’s up this late
You really still awake?
Why can’t you go to sleep like everybody else?

I'm drawn to the mixture of the strings, the drums, the vocals...I don't takes me back to my childhood and listening to listening to "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS.

Anyway...I sometimes struggle with the aspects of life that involve living life and the expectations of having lofty goals and dreams. I battle the psychology of having to keep myself in check that sometimes dreams are just that...dreams. I have conversations with my mental state...alerting me that it's nice that I want to better myself, but sometimes...sometimes...I can't attain what I want to be because I have limits. 

A playlist for when you need to unwind and relax in style. The Lounge is a collection of songs from alternative to electronic to hip hop all set to soothe you out after a hard day.