Fall in Love by Goldlink ft. Ciscero

Oh, you didn't think I was going to have all of these playlists and not create a party mix?

Roof on Fire is the playlist to put on when you, and your friends, and some girls, and, hey, wait, who are those people over there, who cares...just turn this playlist on and dance, chill, sing-along, but most of all, have fun.

You don't need no water.

“Girl I told you I ain’t one you foolin’ with
Not communicatin’ but I get that from my mama
It’s a jungle of gorillas—why you fuck with anacondas?
I’m a Zulu Nation rapper, get the hammer like your honor
Keep it movin’ for my partners, ain’t no hoovin’ in mi casa
Ain’t no hoopin’, she just dancing at the juices but not Fanta
Got the juice and then I lost it”
— Ciscero