Gus* Modern Lightbox

Dope Shit Wishlist is the antithesis of the minimalist's a collection of what I find to be the most interesting, useful, and fashionable products available.

Shut up and take my money....

  • A unique flat surface for your living room, home office, or possibly a child's bedroom.
  • Featuring 18 cubic inches of surface space and dimensions.
  • The 60 watt light inside is operated by a foot switch, and has the ability to provide a pleasing ambient light source to a room.
  • The perfect cube shape offers an instant modern feel to any room. You're not going to see this in your grandma's house.
  • Could you imagine the visual effect of placing a colored cocktail on top of this? I know right...nothing says horrible Tinder date than that.
  • For me, I would see this going in my either of my sons' rooms as an end table and mood lighting.

Price: $325