The Jumpoff

The Jumpoff

Meta Thoughts are the checkpoint posts that give you insight into my life and thoughts.

As this website is a journal of my life, it is fair to say that Meta Thoughts will give you an idea of the direction of this sight.

It's not a remake, but a reimagining...

And with this, I have now officially started my 900th blog...I'm pretty sure that's an exaggeration of sorts, but it has be quite a journey trying to find the right forum for my voice and thoughts.

If you didn't know, I will be using this website as my online, blog...but not really a blog. In a given day, I am confronted with hundreds of thoughts, projects, experiences, and ideas that need to be chronicled, journaled, kept...and it was getting to be too much for Evernote to handle.

So here we are.

How I be...

Today has already been a stacked day, and the rest of the day isn't going to be much better. It's always fun when you're so busy with your life, that it's 1 in the afternoon and you still haven't taken a shower. 

No complaints, no stress.

Garin is staying the night at a friend's house, while I am taking Alerick up to OHSU so he can see a friend. I'll probably pack my laptop in my urban bag and get some work done...or maybe just leave him there for a bit and get some work done here...nothing major.

Okay, none the less, I need to take a shower and get going with this day.

That wasn't so bad...

Well, this concludes the first post, that really wasn't the first post, but we'll say it's the first post.

This is it, I am putting my perfectionism on the shelf, and I'm sticking with this format, theme, and content management system. No more creating blogs or websites from the ground up.

Alright, I need to go take a shower, and get moving with my day.

Until next time...peace.